Blog #1 August 23, 2021

Today begins my first day of school! And alongside that is my first day in the PLTW EDD capstone class. For my first blog, I will tell you about my summer... or lack thereof. In any case, the first two months of summer were rather uneventful and the one trip we did have was canceled due to COVID restrictions. However, my uncle who is a flight instructor had an idea to fly to Alaska for two weeks. Because we were flying in a General Aviation plane it took us 15 hours, spread across 4 days to reach Ketchican, the tip of Alaska. Of course, when we arrived it was the one day in 30 straight sunny days where it rains. Jokes on them I haven't seen the rain in 6 months... After Ketchican we continued to Anchorage, then to Talkeetna where we landed on a glacier. After that to Seward, Coopers Landing, and lastly Homer. The trip concluded on August 11th and now I'm back in school and also in PLTW EDD. I am very excited to work on our capstone classes and round off 4 years of engineering classes. I am looking forward to working within a group to developing and building a capstone project that solves a problem that hasn't just been made up by the teacher. I am also looking forward to just being able to see my friends in person! During COVID it made me realize how much I enjoy school, which, don't get me wrong still isn't that much it just beats staring at a screen for 8 hours. It brings me back to a quote by Alyson Noer, " You never know how what you have until you lost it." But now more than ever cherish my relationships with both my teachers and my classmates because I know how much they're worth.

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